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Efrina CBD Oil Capsules are from Dutch soil and contain no additives. The fiber hemp used as a base comes from the largest fiber hemp nursery in the Netherlands, namely Dun Agro in Groningen. Our products are manufactured under the most professional conditions and Dun Agro is SKAL certified.


CBD oil capsules of natural origin The CBD oil from Efrina is produced under strict control and meets high demands. For the CBD oil from Efrina only the buds / flowers of organically grown and European certified hemp plants are used. After a controlled growth period, buds and flowers are manually harvested and selected, leaving only the best for the manufacture of the oil. At the end of the production the percentage is mixed by means of laboratory tests.

Critical CO2 extraction The product is dried naturally and the paste is then separated from the dried buds / flowers by means of Critical CO2 extraction. With the help of this natural CO2 extraction, valuable ingredients from the flower tops and plant parts are retained. The cannabinoids CBD, CBDa, CBG, CBN and CBV are abundant. The valuable pigments, terpenes and phenols from hemp are also retained. The quality of our oil

To ensure the quality of our CBD oil capsules, samples are taken and tested in certified laboratories for the presence of metals and pesticides. Here also the percentages of cannabinoids (CBD), terpenes and terpenoids are mapped. The amount of active ingredients in all our products is listed in analyzes after testing each batch.


Capsules: Natural CBD oil from pure fiber hemp in ingestible softgel capsules.


Each softgel capsule contains:

                CBD (Cannabidiols from fiber hemp extract): 5 mg
• By means of CO2 extraction extracted from cultivated fiber hemp. • This amount corresponds to approximately 2.5 drops of CBD oil 4% • Olive oil, cannabidiol extract from fiber hemp, capsule (gelatin and glycerol). • The dosage can be gradually built up and this varies per person. • Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. • A dietary supplement should not replace a varied and balanced one

 nutrition and a healthy lifestyle are used but can be a good addition .

Use: 1 capsule with water once a day

Storage: CBD oil can best be stored in a dark place at room temperature.